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Foshan GreenYellow Electric Technology CO.,LTD (GREENYELLOW),Founded in 2009, the headquarters is located in Shunde, Guangdong, the capital of small household appliances in China.

Since its establishment, Green Yinglu has improved the quality of life through continuous innovation, and is committed to providing safe, efficient and environmentally friendly green small household appliances for individuals, families, municipalities, PCOs, hotels, resorts, agricultural breeding, planting and other users. Make life easier for users around the world and live a smarter lifestyle. The company owns many independent brands such as Green Yinglu GREENYELLOW, Bastion, Yinglu Yeloo, etc. It has obtained more than 30 national patents and obtained ISO9001, CQC, GS, CB, CE, RoHS, REACH, cETL and many other domestic brands. External certification. Customers are located in more than 40 countries and regions around the world.


Over the years of development, special product lines such as professional mosquito killers, humidifiers, and dryers have been formed, and the products have been successively sold in large chain stores such as Walmart, Costco, Sam's Club, Aeon, Metro, and Shundian. The number of sales on major online e-commerce platforms also continued to rise.


Green Yinglu Mosquito Killer creates a healthy life with professional intelligence! We believe that technological innovation is the key to winning the market. Since its establishment, Green Yinglu has been at the forefront of the industry. It has a scientific research team with superb skills and broad vision. It has successively established two "mosquito biological research laboratories" in central and southern China. , and actively introduce foreign advanced technology and management experience, strictly monitor each production link in an all-round way, ensure product quality, and continuously promote new products and technologies to our users. We actively establish good cooperative relations with high-quality suppliers; look for innovative partners and create business opportunities with them.


In the future, GREENYELLOW will keep the company culture of “Integrity, Striving for Excellence and Joy Sharing”, continue focusing at the industry of insect trap and exploring new areas under the basis of our past performance, enrich life via new technology and new products.

Twelve Years Of Deep Cultivation

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  • 2021Year

    In 2021, GREENYELLOW has built three innovative mosquito laboratories in Central China, South China and Vietnam abroad with professional talents and high-standard environment investment, and provides scientific basis for CDC; at the same time, all-weather worry-free mosquito control The service system has also been refreshed and upgraded, and creating user experience has always been our goal.
  • 2020Year

    In 2020, as a forerunner in the mosquito killer industry, GREENYELLOW, as always, attaches great importance to products, research and development, and quality. After more than ten years of precipitation, it has successfully developed a revolutionary product in the mosquito killer industry, which is expected to be listed in glory in early 2020.
  • 2019Year

    In May 2019, the company strategically laid out the Renze Industrial Park in Vietnam, covering an area of more than 25,000 square meters with an annual output of over 6.5 million units. It is planned to be fully put into production in 2021. At that time, GREENYELLOW global mosquito control experts will be formed with the scientific research center in Shunde headquarters, the experimental and production base in Vietnam, and the global radiation.
  • 2018Year

    In 2018, customers' demand for outdoor products continued to increase. GREENYELLOW conducted research and development for the diversification of product use, and combined products and advertising industries to continuously improve the international competitiveness of products.
  • 2017Year

    In 2017, GREENYELLOW vigorously expanded its product line, among which new products represented by mosquito swatters are favored by consumers in the market due to their excellent appearance design and quality assurance. This year, Green Yinglu still maintained a persistent spirit of innovation, and carried out innovative explorations in the fields of heaters, humidifiers and other products. In the same year, it won the "Top Ten Brands of Mosquito Repellent Products in China", "Top Ten Influential Brands in China (Industry)" and "The Most Trusted Brand by Consumers in China (Industry)" on the Chinese Brand Billboard.
  • 2016Year

    GREENYELLOW Mosquito Killer Metro. For mosquito killers, new upgrades have been made in terms of safety, and efforts to control product quality have also been increased. Due to GREENYELLOW good control of product quality, it was invited to participate in the Tmall Mosquito Killer Industry Quality Control Conference held at Alibaba headquarters, and shared experience as a representative. In the same year, it was awarded the "Top 100 Guangdong Brands" by the Asian Brand Association.
  • 2015Year

    GREENYELLOW Mosquito Killer entered Walmart for sale, and offline retail development has entered a new stage. In order to better enhance the brand image, present an atmospheric and international visual image with a simpler design. In the same year, it won the "2015 Inhalation Mosquito Killer Category Brand" at the Category Leaders Conference.
  • 2014Year

    GREENYELLOW has further developed its domestic e-commerce platform. Adhere to the protection of independent innovation and intellectual property rights, and severely crack down on counterfeit and shoddy products in the market. In the same year, it was awarded the "Quality Supplier" of the annual home appliance industry by HC.com. Become a member of the Household Appliances Chamber of Commerce in Shunde District, Foshan City
  • 2013Year

    GREENYELLOW mosquito killers have successively entered large domestic supermarkets such as Sam's Club, Tellus and Le, Tesco, and Rainbow Department Store under Walmart, and the terminal brand image and consumer reputation have been greatly improved. While the domestic market is developing rapidly, the overseas market also continues a good momentum of development, and the North American and Southeast Asian markets usher in a new development situation. In terms of research and development, GREENYELLOW took the lead in setting up a "mosquito biological research laboratory" to carry out more in-depth research on mosquitoes, and will put the research results into batch products in the later stage, so that consumers can use better products.
  • 2012Year

    GREENYELLOW has made full efforts both online and offline. Set up a brand flagship store on the Tmall platform and enter the Shundian chain. In the same year, GREENYELLOW became a member of China Pest Control Association.
  • 2011Year

    GREENYELLOW layout of offline terminal retail, the mosquito killer products are the first to enter the AEON supermarket, the new design and the concept of safety and health are favored by many middle and high-level consumers, and also laid the foundation for the comprehensive development of inhalation mosquito killers.
  • 2010Year

    In 2010, with the appearance of GREENYELLOW products at China Import and Export Commodities Fair, the company passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, and the mosquito killer products passed CE, RoHS, ETL international certification and other events, GREENYELLOW overseas markets welcomed Come to the new development vitality. In the same year, GREENYELLOW proposed a 4S mosquito control solution, which effectively aimed at the mosquito problem in resorts, hotels, villas and other fields, and provided comprehensive services for mosquito control products.
  • 2009Year

    In 2009, GREENYELLOW was founded in Shunde, Guangdong, marking the transformation of GREENYELLOW from a single technology research and development enterprise to a research and development, manufacturing, sales and service enterprise. GREENYELLOW inhalation mosquito killer was also officially launched this year. The mid-to-high-end market positioning and strict quality supervision have gradually led the mosquito killer market to develop from "low price and poor quality" to high quality.
  • Integrity and mutual encouragement

    Integrity is the soul and the eternal driving force for the survival and development of an enterprise. GREENYELLOW insists on treating consumers with sincerity, loving and encouraging employees, paying close attention to product quality, focusing on brand building, taking honesty as the foundation of enterprise development, making steady progress, and repaying the society with better and better products and services public.
  • Persistent pursuit

    GREENYELLOW has maintained continuous innovation of products for many years, and has always been at the forefront of the industry, leading changes. From the optimization and innovation of tiny accessories to the scientific and technological research on mosquito biology, there is GREENYELLOW consistent pursuit of high-quality products, as well as the concept of continuous innovation and breakthroughs in products.
  • Share happiness

    In the years of development, GREENYELLOW has implemented the concept of sharing into practice, and shared the development results with employees, partners and the society. Respect talents, equal opportunities, form a positive environment for talents, and effectively improve employees' sense of achievement, sense of value and sense of belonging. At the same time, actively work with partners to reduce costs and achieve a win-win situation for all parties.

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